The Oakley Rolling O Lab Rolls Through Tahoe

The Oakley Rolling O Lab Rolls Through Tahoe

Oakley does a lot of things good, but one of the things it does best is eyewear. Not only has Oakley established itself in the snowboarding world as the premier eyewear brand for top athletes including Shaun White and Gretchen Bleiler, Oakley is trusted by professional baseball players, golfers, cyclist, and military personal alike. While Oakley obviously invests a huge chunk of cash into developing cutting edge eyewear, they have also put forth a major effort into the Rolling O Lab educational mobile.

Lab materials

The Rolling O Lab makes its way around the world with one mission: to educate the consumer. While on the outside it simply looks like a cool trailer, on the inside boasts a makeshift testing center, showcasing types of lenses and demonstrations about how Oakley tests its eyewear. This hands-on approach has proved beneficial for Oakley's success helping it's retailers sell products and its consumers better understand the quality of products they are buying. The amount of testing that goes into Oakley eyewear is unsurpassed whether it's Oakley's injection molding or HDO (High Definition Optics).

Dummy for demonstration

The Lab rolled through Northstar in Tahoe Friday and gave the sales associates a glance into the world of Oakley.

Rolling O specialist Brian Carlin talking to the people

Follow the Rolling O Lab and catch it the next time its around your town. Also, be sure to check out Oakley's latest and greatest Airbrake Goggle as worn by Shaun White. The first and only goggle with a unique interchangeable lens system that snaps right out with one click. Stay tuned for our review in the coming weeks. —TS

The Shaun White Airbrake