Woodward Tahoe

Photo by KaraMukina - Tahoe Snowboard Magazine
Tahoe Snowboard Magazine, 2two7 Productions, Gilaffe Snowboards and friends visit Woodward Tahoe. A place where anyone can be and feel like a kid!Featuring Jordan Wells, Jake Devine, Nate Griffin, Matt Greear, Jordan Mullen, Shane Sayers, Mike Burton and the Birdhouse Team Demo.Thanks again Woodw...
The much anticipated Woodward Tahoe opened June 9 and of course TSM was there to capture it all. Fricketography.com made a sick summer shred edit with the homies and shows what went down in the bunker.TSM Invades the Opening of Woodward Tahoe from Tahoe Snowboard Magazine on Vimeo.
Photo by Tawnya - Tahoe Snowboard Magazine
We got out own TSM shred edit coming soon, but for now get a taste of what went down at the Woodward Tahoe Grand Opening. It's good stuff!
Photo by Tawnya - Tahoe Snowboard Magazine
If you've been bummin' that it's getting warm and the snow is rapidly melting, never fear, summer camp is here! There are so many places to go now it's insane. Here's a breakdown of some camp spots near and far that are sure to get you your snow fix.Woodward TahoeTahoe, CaliforniaOpening in June,...
Next weekend Woodward Tahoe is finally opening its doors. You should be there to celebrate.